Man nabbed while having a romp with his 17-year-old sister-in-law in Lagos

An Islamic cleric was caught having s£x with his sister-in-law in Bariga, in Lagos.

The 38-year-old man, identified as Abdul Lateef Mustapha, was arrested by the police for having s£x with his sister-in-law who is reported to be just 17 years old.

While investigating into the matter, it was found out that Mustapha had s£xually assavlted his sister-in-law every time his wife went out.

The victim had reported the act to her neighbors but she was not believed.

However, the Islamic cleric was caught redhanded when the neighbors saw him having s£x with the young girl. He then apologized never to do such again.

It was gathered that the suspect initially denied the act but later opened up that he had s£x with the girl only once and not thrice as stated by the 17-year old victim.

According to a report by P.M.Express, the girl was brought to Lagos in January 2018 from Kano.


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